Deadline Gallipoli - Production Stills


Deadline Gallipoli – Production Stills

Four production stills have released of Hugh in costume as Ellis Ashmead-Bartlett in the upcoming project Deadline Gallipoli. I think it looks fantastic, what do you all think? Share your thoughts on the images in the comments or on any social network. You can view the images in our photo archive.

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Baby Hugh Dancy from sleeping dictionary 2003

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Trial & Retribution (TV Series)
Episode #2.2 (1998) … Roberto Bellini
Episode #2.1 (1998) … Roberto Bellini


Hugh Dancy and his scarf

The Today Show - Hugh Dancy
The Today Show - Hugh Dancy

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What’s Hugh Dancy’s DEAL what does he do does he eat sunshine does he condition his hair with butterfly milk does he bathe in virgin’s blood can the science side of tumblr explain to me why this 49 year old man is prettier than me

cute puppy man is cute